Halo CME Mail

Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 19:58

From: Gareth Lawrence

Subject: 'Full' Halo CME on 2003/11/11, frontsided

Status: O

UCMEO 93001 31111 0000/
31111 61354 91818 0001/ 360// 223// 41383
31111 61336 91348 36203 10498 1222/

LASCO and EIT observed a 'full' halo CME on 2003/11/11. A wide 
bright loop front was seen in C2 at 13:54 UT in the W; however,
the next C2 image was not until 15:30 UT by which time the CME
was clear of the C2 field of view. The full halo CME first 
appeared in C3 images at 15:18 UT with bright emission between 
PA 190-350 and fainter emission around the rest of the occulting 
disk. Note that the emission in the E is faint and is soon obscured
by a separate CME from the E limb/backside. The mean plane-of-sky 
speed was 1383 km/s, measured at PA 260 with possible evidence 
for slight acceleration.

The CME was probably associated with a M1.6 X-ray flare which EIT
observed between 13:36 - 13:48 UT with peak emission at 13:48 UT. 
The flare was centered at S03W62. Note that EIT observations of
the flare are curtailed by subsequent subfield images away from
the flare site. SEC records the flare between 13:21 - 14:17 UT 
with peak emission at 13:51 UT, from AR 0498 located S03W61. It
was not possible to clearly identify an EIT wave or dimming in
association with this event due to the shortcomings of the data

Images and movies will shortly be made available at  


Best wishes,
        Gareth Lawrence.

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