Halo CME Mail

Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 17:56

From: Gareth Lawrence

Subject: Two Full Halo CMEs, both backsided

Status: O

LASCO observed full halo CMEs on 2003/11/07 and 2003/11/09.

The first event was first visible in C2 images at 15:54 UT 
on 2003/11/07 as a bright loop front in the SW which had 
developed into a full halo CME by 16:30 UT, though emission 
was quite faint in the E.

The second event was first visible in C2 images at 06:30 UT 
on 2003/11/09 as a bright loop front in the SE which had 
developed to a full halo CME by 06:54 UT, though emission 
was faint in the W.

EIT running difference images clearly show major backsided 
eruptions in both cases. The first event is visible over
the W limb and the second over the E limb. Both events have 
therefore been determined backsided.

Note that the slight asymmetries of these CMEs in LASCO 
images are consistent with the likely positions of old 
AR 0486 and old AR 0484, respectively.

Best wishes,
        Gareth Lawrence.

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