Halo CME Mail

Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 09:58

From: Gareth Lawrence

Subject: Full halo CMe on 2003/06/17, frontsided

Status: O

UCMEO 93001 30619 1500/
30617 62330 90442 0001/ 360// 233// 41779
30617 62236 92336 26108 10386

LASCO and EIT observed a full halo CME on 2003/06/17. A bright loop
was first seen in C2 at 23:30 UT between PA 25-220; faint extensions
can be discerned in the W. Note that due to a (still unrecovered) data
gap between 22:30 - 23:30 the leading edge of the CME has already 
left the C2 field of view in the 23:30 UT image. The bright front first 
appeared in the SE in C3 images from 23:42 UT and spanned around 
the entire C3 occultor by 00:18 UT. A speed of 1779 km/s was inferred
from C3 data measured at PA 114, with possible slight deceleration 
towards the edge of the field of view.

The CME was probably associated with a M6.8 X-ray flare which EIT
observed between 22:36 - 23:48 UT with peak emission at 23:12. 
Please note that due to the data gap between 22:36 - 23:12 UT the
start and peak times may be somewhat inaccurate. The flare was
centered at S08E61. SEC records the flare between 22:27 - 23:12 UT
with peak emission at 22:55 UT, from AR 0386 located S07E55. A 
slight and constrained EIT was observed in conjunction with this event,
primarily to the N and W, but no dimming. Please note that both these 
observations may be affected by the data gap.

Images and movies will be made available as soon as possible at 


Best wishes,
	Gareth Lawrence.

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