Halo CME Mail

Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 18:28

From: Gareth Lawrence

Subject: Full Halo CME on 2003/06/10, probably backsided

Status: O

LASCO observed a faint full halo CME on 2003/06/10.
An extremely faint front first appeared in the SE at
06:06 UT, developing to a faint full halo CME by 
06:30 UT. The front first appeared in C3 at 07:42 UT
as a full halo CME. The event appears bright in the
NE and NW in projection with existing material; it 
is faint elsewhere and very hard to identify in the
SW, particularly in C3 data.

Neither EIT, SXI nor GOES record a great deal of 
frontsided solar activity, though nor do EIT data
indicate a backsided event. This event has therefore
been determined most probably backsided. Note that 
the overall morphology of the CME is consistent 
with a backsided source fairly close to the far disk 
center, which in turn is consistent with continuing 
activity from old AR 0365 which transited the W limb
at the end of May.

Please note also that on 2003/06/10 at ~15 UT, LASCO's 
doors were close in preparation for spacecraft maneuvers
on 2003/06/11. The doors are scheduled to reopen on
2003/06/13 at ~15 UT. Therefore, no LASCO data will 
be available for comparison with the increasing level 
of activity within AR 0375, presently in the NW.

Finally, a number of full and partial halo CMEs occurred
during the May 26-31 period without accompanying reports.
This was due to a combination of personal vacation,
meetings and ongoing security-related hardware issues 
at GSFC. I apologise for the inability to provide these
reports in a timely manner. The reports, movies and 
images will be generated and hosted in the usual 
locations, so please check the report archive at 


for their delayed addition.

Best wishes,
	Gareth Lawrence.

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